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Land justice legislation passes, making publicly owned property available
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Land justice legislation passes, making publicly owned property available
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Providence announces new land bank program to acquire vacant land to build affordable housing
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Five families buy affordable homes in Point Breeze
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Philly community groups could get priority in sale of thousands of vacant city lots under new bill
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Councilmember Jamie Gauthier introduces legislation to encourage the use of city-owned vacant land for affordable homes and gardens
Philadelphia City Council, Dec. 16, 2021

Funding for affordable housing needs budget mandate
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Community groups call on City Council to make more land available for development
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City Council votes for affordable housing funding and protections for homeowners during construction
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Council pushes to make funding the Housing Trust Fund mandatory, despite Kenney opposition
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Philadelphia City Council is considering mandatory funding to boost affordable and accessible housing
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If you start to address the affordable housing issue, you will begin to address the poverty issue
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Local organization gains city council support for new legislation to control vacant public land
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Philadelphia urged to use vacant land to curb shortages of affordable housing and food
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Progressive coalition looks to promote ‘development without displacement’
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