Housing Justice Campaign

The Issue:

Over the last 20 years, Philadelphia has undergone significant development, attracting higher-income households while neglecting the needs of long-term, low-income residents. With housing costs soaring by as much as 363%, this has resulted in the displacement of many and has particularly impacted communities of color with a loss of 29 – 32% of the African-American population in some city neighborhoods.

Our Solution:

Recognizing the fundamental link between affordable housing and economic progress, PCAC is leading the charge with our Housing Justice Campaign. The city raises more then $200 million annually for its housing budget, yet distribution that equitably addresses the pressing needs of the population remains elusive.


Our campaign has one clear goal: to push for passage of legislation requiring 50% of federal, state, and local housing resources to be allocated to households with incomes under $30,000, representing almost one third of Philadelphia.

For more details, read our full report here.